Project “Sustainable Model for the Brazilian Wood Flooring Production Chain – PIMADS” at 20th Feicon Batimat, the main Construction Salon in Latin America

Project “Sustainable Model for the Brazilian Wood Flooring Production Chain – PIMADS” at 20th Feicon Batimat, the main Construction Salon in Latin America

In the week of the 18th to 22nd March 2014, the ANPM presented the project at FEICON BATIMAT, higher International Fair of Building Construction in Latin America, which was held at Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion in São Paulo – SP, Brazil.

At its 20th edition, Feicon Batimat is the main Construction Salon in Latin America. The most extensive event in the sector presents each year innovations and trends, providing a meeting place for great business, networking with leading professionals and brands in the civil construction sector, and especially the disclosure of new products and services.

Feicon Batimat Conference occurs simultaneously, offering 5 days of conferences and discussions, bringing strong market trends and renowned national and international professionals.

The main profile of visitors to the fair consists of Architects, Engineers, Builders, Decorators, Designers, Students, Retailers and Purchasers sector.

The fair was attended by about 130 thousand visitors/qualified buyers who found conducive environment for conducting business and knowledge of trends and new products. The technical profile of the buying public is accentuated every edition of the fair.

The attendees can see goods of more than 1.000 national and international brands in an exhibition area with 85 thousand sqm and 5 options of conference program, totaling up more than 50 lectures.

According to the FEICON director, Liliane Bortoluci, the diversity of such products found in Feicon Batimat 2014 proved once again that the event meets the needs of varied audiences, from major contractors to the person who want, alone, renovate your house, besides architects seeking new designs and concepts and retailers who wish to provide in their shops the main novelties in the market.

Every year the ANPM is invited to be one of the exhibitors at the fair with the purpose of strengthening the sector of wood flooring in Brazil. This year, the ANPM focused its participation in the dissemination of the PIMADS project activities and previous results.

The presentation of the project was carried out by exposing the posters and distribute of folders describing the project, the objectives, its importance for the sector and the activities being performed. And this year the novelty of ANPM was show samples of wood floors of the fourteen species studied in PIMADS project, this strategy worked very well because besides to get attention of the attendees, also many sector professionals liked the new wood species for floor production.

The annual participation of ANPM at FEICON fair is a way to divulge our actions, as well our associated companies, wood products and solve many doubts of society on issues related to sustainable forest utilization and timber. Most of exhibitors are related to less sustainable products such as concrete, plastic, iron, etc. Therefore, it is also important the divulgation of the wood, which is one of the most sustainable products that exists, because besides it is both renewable and also a carbon sink.

Impression of visitors: first of all many people asked “Where can I buy wood flooring?”, they were surprised to see the wood  flooring in that fair, especially because they are made ​​by solid wood. Also many resellers asked the same, and then ANPM provide the contacts of its associates (Wood flooring producers) to them.

We were consulted by some importers about price, trend and marketing of wood flooring, many people from United States, China and South America in general are interested in buying Brazilian wood flooring.

About the new species four points were observed:

1. Tanibuca wood pleased U.S. people;

2. Pequiá wood got attention because looks like Ivory wood;

3. Tachi preto wood was confused by Oak wood;

4. Most of visitors liked Itaúba Amarela wood and Maparajuba wood.

Through these points we can see that some PIMADS project species has the potential to enter the wood flooring market.

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